Wedding Stationery Information Page

Some general information if you're thinking about commissioning some bespoke screenprinted wedding stationery from Pirrip.


Wedding Stationery General Information

We often get emails asking about the specifics of ordering bespoke wedding stationery. The sections below should cover those specifics and give further details on any questions you might have.


We treat every commission as a unique job. This means we don’t have set prices, but will quote based on your specific requirements.

That said, it's nice to have a vague idea of prices so we’ve costed up imaginary invitations for some fictional couples...


It’s important to know how other folk have gotten along with Pirrip. We are lucky to have worked with some lovely people who have generously agreed to write a few words about their experience of working with us.

And it makes us rather proud :)

Process + FAQ

Our commissioning process is individual. You won’t be buying ‘off the rack’, but dealing with us directly as we discuss designs, send proofs, and choose card and ink colours. To give you an idea of the process and answer any questions you might have, here’s a brief outline of what we’ll be doing at each stage of the project...