Wedding Stationery Process + FAQ

Our process, here at Pirrip, for working with couples on bespoke hand-printed wedding stationery.



In the hope that we can answer some queries straight away, here’s a brief ‘Q+A’ about what we offer + how we work. This is just a guide, we customise each job to your specifications so we can’t offer all-purpose answers to many of the questions you’ll have. If you can’t see the information you need, or would like clarification about something, then please get in touch.

How do I place an order for Wedding Stationery?
If you’d like Pirrip Press to design & print your stationery, just send us an email to kick off the process. We’ll reply promptly with some questions about the details of your order, and once you’ve responded we’ll be back in touch with a quote. Then, we’ll ask you to approve our terms, quote & deadline, and we’ll begin the design process. For further details, see the ‘ordering’ PDF.

When should we order our stationery?
We offer a bespoke service for wedding stationery, and as such it is hard to specify an exact turn-around time. If we’re just working on invitations, completion will be significantly quicker than if we’re also including rsvp cards, order of service and menus. But, we aim to have first design proofs to you within 10 days of your initial order, and we give a total turn-around guide time of one month for invitations. (This is reliant upon having all the information in place when the order is made. If you’re waiting on confirmation or venue details or any of the other logistics, things may take a little longer). Please remember that there’s no such thing as ‘too early’ to order! We‘re invariably working on lots of projects at the same time, so the more notice you can give us, the better – if you know you’d like to use Pirrip Press, but aren’t yet sure on details, let us know and we’ll ‘book you in’ for when the time comes.

How many invitations should we order?
We’d suggest you order around 65% of your total number of guests. This should allow for couples / families / individuals and also leave you with some extras. If in doubt, order a few more – it’s better to have spares than to run out! We don’t have a minimum order number, but please bear in mind that the set-up costs for silkscreen remain the same however many pieces we print.

Can you work with our colour-scheme?
Certainly. We are happy to design with your colours & themes in mind, and we’ll discuss it all when you start your order process. Please bear in mind that it is very difficult to translate colours exactly from screen to page, though we try our very hardest to get them spot on. We therefore ask you to remember that while they’ll be as close as possible, colours won’t necessarily be a perfect match.

Can you reproduce a design I’ve seen elsewhere?
No – we make original work. While we’re very happy, and encourage you to send us any inspirational visuals and tell us what you like and don’t like, we can’t reproduce another design. It would be unethical for us to do so, and would infringe on copyright law. If you’ve seen something you like somewhere else, we suggest you try and contact the original designer.

Are there any size restrictions?
For Silkscreen printing we generally use frames that are 50 x 70cm. But we can be adventurous, your stationery doesn’t have to be ‘standard’ size you could go square, long + thin, or fold-out, so if you have specific ideas or want us to produce something really interesting and different then just talk to us about it.

How does payment work?
We essentially work on a ‘half now, half later’ basis: Once we’ve agreed on the price for your job, we’ll send you an invoice for 50% of the total, to be paid straight away. We’ll send you another invoice for the remaining amount with your finished stationery, and this should be paid promptly upon receipt.

How does delivery work?
We use Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcelforce 48hr for UK deliveries, as we want to make sure everything reaches you safely and promptly. Both services require a signature on receipt and include insurance. We’ll wrap and pack your stationery very carefully, and make sure it’s well padded for the journey.


Our ordering process, like your commission, is personal. You won’t be buying ‘off the rack’, but dealing with us directly as we talk about themes, send proofs, and choose card and ink colours. To give you an idea of how it will work, here’s a brief outline, so you can see what we’ll be doing at each stage of the project.

  • Email Pirrip Press! Let us know about your day and give us a brief description of what you’d like in terms of stationery (what, when, how many etc.) and if you’ve any special requirements.

  • We’ll reply promptly with either a quote, or, if we need a bit more information, some questions about the details of your order (and then a quote). If this is agreeable, we’ll ask you to approve our terms, quote & deadline, and we’ll begin the design process.

  • We’ll invoice you for 50% of the total amount at this stage which will need to be paid before we get going with proofs.

  • We’ll get our thinking caps on and begin designing your stationery. Once we have something good, we’ll email you some proofs to look at & discuss. Although we try our damndest, we don’t always get it spot on the first time (though there have been occasions! So if you want to make your names bigger, change a colour, or use a different motif or font, now is when you let us know.

  • We include up to three re-workings / drafts in our design fee before any further charges are incurred, but we really want to get it right so will happily make alterations until everyone’s happy. We’ll also discuss card, paper, envelopes, and any other materials at this stage.

  • We’ll ask you to give final approval on digital proofs, card/paper stock and any other bits & pieces. Once we have the all clear from you, we’ll get our screens made up ready for printing, and give you a final print & estimated delivery date.

  • We print! (Our favourite bit) Once everything is printed and complete, we’ll carefully wrap your stationery, deliver it to you, and then invoice for the balance.

  • The final amount, as invoiced, should now be paid.  You can begin sending out invitations, getting on with the thousand-and-one other things you have to do to organise your day, and receiving compliments on your hand-printed stationery!