Pirrip Press was created by Alexandra Higlett & Georgina Hounsome. We work on a wide variety of projects, both big and small, and are also commissioned as independent artists and designers.

We love to print: For us, there’s nothing better than seeing type and images come together in colour and texture as ink coats paper. We want to share our enthusiasm by creating and delivering beautiful hand-printed work. We take pride in our design work, enjoying the challenge of setting out information in the most economical and aesthetic way – nothing too fussy, just clear, attractive design together with appropriate, interesting illustration.

We strive to choose the right materials for the job, using paper + card from a variety of mills and suppliers, and selecting recycled stock where possible. We use acrylic inks in our Silkscreen work.  Because we know the screenprint process inside-out, we are able to design with its strengths in mind, achieving the best possible results for the medium.  We are clean printers and pay close attention to detail from the start of a job right through to packing & delivering finished work.

We’re always keen to talk all things design + print, so if there’s anything you’d like to chat about then get in touch.


pirrip press portrait
pirrip press portrait 2